bestchoiceOur portfolio includes companies of virtually any size and industry, from technology startups to Fortune 500 corporations. The experts at Lead Savvy, LLC will help you design and implement a successful and customized B2B lead generation marketing program that will maximize your sales results.


  • We are a flexible, cost-effective lead generation resource: Hiring a sales person in-house can be a sizable commitment in time, training and money. With Lead Savvy, LLC, there are no long-term commitments to a salary, unemployment insurance or payroll taxes, and there are no fringe benefits to pay.
  • We have the tools to penetrate all levels of an organization with open ended, intelligent and organic conversations: The ability to articulate a message on an unsolicited call requires the charisma, skill and the capacity to think quickly. We have the confidence and creativity to think effectively outside of the script, should the need arise. We recognize the importance of engaging all levels of a prospective company. We are as effective with administrative “gate keepers” as we are with information technology departments and executive decision makers.
  • Senior-Level Sales Support: Our senior strategist, Lisa Angst, has over 20 years sales experience and is involved intimately with each prospecting campaign.