Our full-range services are modular in that we support you in all or a portion of your prospecting needs.

There are key components to a successful prospecting campaign:

  • Accurate Lists: We’ll help revive your existing contact list or locate the most current resources available for your specific project needs.
  • Target the Decision Maker: With our data-mining service, we’ll help you identify the correct point of contact. Knowing the right person to talk to will vary from business to business. Without good contact information, you waste time and marketing resources chasing after the wrong person. The more completely prepared you are with up-to-date information, the more effective you will be in your initial calls to a business. We develop “working databases,” including detailed notes and clear follow-up tasks that anyone in your organization can understand and put to good use.
  • Compelling Delivery of Your Message: Communicating a new idea or product in the time constraints of a cold call can be challenging. Education, awareness, and rapport-building are all necessary prospecting components. Lead Savvy, LLC can identify where a sales cycle begins and where follow up is necessary with each company you target. We crystallize the succinct details needed to make cold calls, coordinate email campaigns, and set appointments.