Why Lead Savvy

  • Are you ready to find an effective, B2B prospecting resource that doesn’t drain your budget?

  • Would you like to avoid dealing with inflated sales promises that yield only sub-par results?

  • Are accurate sales and marketing expectations critical to your business operations?

Flexible, cost-effective lead generation resource: Hiring a salesperson in-house can be a sizable commitment of time, training and money. With Lead Savvy, there are no long-term commitments to a salary, unemployment insurance or payroll taxes, and there are no fringe-benefits to pay.

Tools to penetrate all levels of an organization with open-ended, intelligent and organic conversations: 

The ability to articulate a message on an unsolicited call often requires the charisma and creativity of improvisation. Your senior strategist has the skillset and confidence to think effectively outside of the script, should the need arise. Recognizing the importance of engaging all levels of a prospective company, your caller is as effective with administrative “gatekeepers” as with information technology departments and executive decision makers.

How Does Lead Savvy Improve Sales Results?

  • Detailed Documentation: To help refine sales messaging and strategy.

  • Quality Control: Your caller has over 20+ years experience and has made over a million cold calls.

  • Personal Accountability: Easy communication with your single point of contact.

  • No middle-man management cost.

  • Cost-Effective: No long-term commitments .

  • U.S. based  - no overseas outsourcing (located in Portland, OR).

  • English-speaking, prospecting services available world-wide.

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Portland, OR USA