Do you use a script?

February 21, 2012

We use a script as a guide so as not to sound robotic or canned with your prospects. We work with our clients to develop the best script outline to ensure we are a quality extension of your business. We hire only seasoned sales professionals who are capable of thinking on their feet and can manage an open-ended conversation.

QUALITY ASSURANCE RECOMMENDATION:  When considering any type of prospecting service, it is recommended that you “role-play” your script with the person who will be making the calls. As with any script the content  is only as good as the delivery of the presenter. While a script is an essential component to the prospecting efforts, in real-life, sales agents have organic conversations with prospects. Role-playing script scenarios helps to ensure that your sales support will be effective  in the delivery of your message and  show-cases  ability in  fielding unexpected questions or content from prospects.

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