B2B Lead Generation: The Anatomy of an Effective Prospecting Campaign

January 5, 2015

Once upon a time, cold calls and in-person sales visits were the primary sources of prospecting for business to business leads. But times have changed. Just as we have evolved in our methods and options of communicating (e.g. social media, email and drip marketing campaigns), so too has the use of the cold call. It […]

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Lead Generation: Essential Strategies for Introducing Your Product or Service by Phone

December 5, 2014

Lead Generation: In 20+ years and over 950,000 telemarketing calls along the way, I have uncovered strategies that increase my productivity in B2B lead generation. Of all of these, there are several key concepts to keep in mind that will improve your return of investment (ROI). The point of telemarketing is to sort the qualified […]

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How to Increase Your Prospecting Odds for Success

August 4, 2014

A telemarketing campaign is not really all that different from what goes on behind the scenes to produce a full-blown Hollywood movie. Of the movies that make their way to the silver screen, some do great, while others go into a tailspin. Even though a ton of research and investment dollars are put into the […]

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Canada’s New Anti Spam-Law Goes Into Effect July 1, 2014 (Both Canada and U.S. Spam Laws Provided in the Article)

June 30, 2014

Different countries have different rule when it comes to lead generation and the distribution of commercial, electronic messages (emails and text messages) . FOR CANADA On July 1, 2014, the country of Canada established additional  anti-spam regulations.  To help you better understand the latest modifications, the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission created a high-level […]

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Lead Savvy Receives an A+ Rating with The Better Business Bureau

May 20, 2014

As an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Lead Savvy meets high accreditation standards, including our commitment to maintaining a high level of customer service with those we work with. Purpose of Accreditation Our prospective clients turn to BBB accreditation to find out if Lead Savvy’s business of B2B lead generation and appointment […]

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T.C.P.A. Prohibits Unsolicited Calls and Texts To Cell Phones

October 15, 2013

The message is clear from the public  that receiving sales calls or texts on a mobile device is considered by most an imposition and a cost to minute and text plans for unwanted solicitation. Is your business at risk of fines? A growing amount of complaints have been pouring in to legislators demanding limitations on solicited […]

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E-mail Strategies that Reach Decision Makers

March 25, 2013

In today’s wild world of corporate America, it can be difficult to get a decision-maker on the phone. Sometimes email is your best—or only—option. If a gatekeeper or assistant tells you the best way to reach a particular prospect is by email, then definitely send one. Here are some strategies that may increase your chances […]

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B2B Lead Generation: How to Execute an Effective Cold Call Campaign for an Event

January 5, 2013

B2B Lead Generation In my 20+ years of B2B lead generation and appointment setting, I’ve made at least 950,000 calls. I’ve introduced all sorts of products and services from voice-over-IP to copiers to accounting software and invited people to open houses, seminars and webinars. I’ve sold every widget and concept under the sun. Many components go into an […]

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Appointment Setters: Cultivating Your Cold Call List (Part Two)

April 5, 2012

When we execute a call campaign, we’d all love for the answer on the other line to be “Oh, thanks goodness you called, I’ll take 200 orders.” As silly as it sounds, many salespeople inadvertently operate their prospect contact list with this mentality, looking for only low-hanging fruit on the call list and tossing aside […]

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Appointment Setters: Cultivating Your Cold Call List (Part One)

January 5, 2012

Many salespeople doing B2B lead generation make the mistake of disqualifying a lead with lack of follow-up if the prospect does not have an immediate need. Not only does it significantly eliminate your pool of ideal and future prospects to call, but you are also categorizing your call efforts in a group I call “us […]

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