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  • Can you manage out of state campaigns?
    Lead Savvy has clients worldwide.
  • How frequently do you provide reports?
    Prospecting status reports are typically submitted to you weekly unless otherwise requested.
  • What is administration time?
    Prospecting campaigns include up to three hours of administrative service. These hours include script development, product knowledge, report generation, data entry and weekly status calls
  • Is there a campaign minimum?
    Telemarketing efforts take a while to ramp up. As with any type of advertising, telemarketing campaigns are like t.v. ads - you put forth your best hypothesis of what constitutes an effective and attractive presentation of your product or service and test the results. Assuming you have an experienced strategist like Lead Savvy, most adjustments can be ironed out within the first week or two of calling, as patterns begin to emerge. Initial patterns tend to develop within the first few weeks but may vary over time. An eight - week trial period, with a prospect list of 150 contacts is recommended but smaller campaigns can be considered. Time will be needed time to develop a funnel and pipeline. While it is possible to achieve hot leads on an initial call, the majority of qualified prospects typically come from callbacks. Rain Group Sales Consulting points out that, "it takes an average of eight touches to get an initial meeting (or another conversion) with a new prospect." To break this down further, consider the following, general statistics: 2% of sales are made on the first contact. 3% of sales are made on the second contact. 5% of sales are made on the third contact. 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact. 80% of sales are made on the fifth to Twelfth contact. ​​ However …​ 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect. 25% of salespeople make a second contact and stop. 12% of salespeople make three contacts and stop. Only 10% of sales people make it more than three contacts with a prospect. ​ Still not convinced? Read about 21 more mind-blowing sales statistics from the Brevet firm. ​​ Lead Savvy ensures that the methodical, repetitive action of prospect follow-up takes place. For customized pricing and campaign options, feel free to give us a call at 503-477-6825 to discuss your specific project requirements.
  • How are you compensated
    Lead Savvy negotiates with each client an appropriate per-project rate reflecting the complexity of the work and the other unique needs of each contract. ​
  • Do you use a script?
    A script is used as a guide so as not to sound robotic or canned with your prospects. Lead Savvy works with clients to develop the best script outline to ensure a quality extension of your business. QUALITY ASSURANCE RECOMMENDATION: When considering any type of prospecting service, it is recommended that you "role-play" your script with the person who will be making the calls. As with any script, the content is only as good as the delivery of the presenter. While a script is an essential component to the prospecting efforts, in real-life sales agents have organic conversations with prospects. Role-playing script scenarios helps to ensure that your sales support will be effective in the delivery of your message and show-cases ability in fielding unexpected questions or content from prospects.
  • What databases or customer relationship management software is your favorite?
    When considering this type of resource for client record management, it's critical to match the most common use with the features of the application. Many of my clients have found the following to be the most user-friendly and satisfying to work with: Salesforce, Infusionsoft (by Keap) Hubspot and Zoho.
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