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Lisa is a highly enthusiastic professional who understands what it takes to build the right sales campaign. Hired as a contractor, Lisa quickly became an integrated part of our organization. As an expert in her field, she had no problem telling us that she did not think we had the right approach and message and would suggest other options. Even on the phone, you can sense her energy and positive attitude. We worked together for nearly two years. I would highly recommend Lisa to any sales organizations.”

-Jean-Francois Berche
(Strategic Account Director)
Sungard Availability Services

I enlisted Lisa's services years ago to perform cold-calls by telephone for my business. I was highly impressed with how articulate she is, the friendly and confident tone of her voice, and especially her clear-thinking to respond appropriately to anything the prospect said. I was so impressed that a few months ago I asked her to train the staff at a medical practice (one of my clients) on phone presence, etiquette, and sales. She turned the staff's phone skills around to be highly proficient and engaging. She was also able to identify additional business needs to help the practice run more smoothly, showing a very strong business acumen. Lisa's telephone skills are the best I've ever seen, and she also demonstrated to me her strong ability to transfer those skills to others by training. Lisa is a pleasure to work with.

-Doug Lundrigan
Lighthouse Leadership

We worked with Lisa for many years and were very satisfied with her professionalism, integrity and the quality of her work. I highly recommend Lisa if you are looking for a lead generation expert! She will exceed your expectations and is a great pleasure to work with.

-Eric Hulbert
Opus Interactive, Inc

We have used Lisa’s services, including call initiatives and sales consulting services, for many campaigns over the course of the last 5 years. In her B2B cold-calling campaigns, she produced over nine times the contracted campaign costs in gross revenue for youth sports programs including after-school, enrichment, leagues and camps (national campaign across 15+ states). The corporate campaign was so successful that Lisa's customized, lead-generation programs were incorporated into the national, franchise side of the business. Lisa has also consulted with our sales and marketing teams on the best way to structure our B2B and B2C franchise business.  Her attention to detail and her commitment to follow through is second to none.  Before landing on Lisa’s services, we vetted many sales consultants, and no one came close to matching her skills and production rates.  We hope to partner with Lisa for many years to come. 

-Jason Frazier
(President and COO)
Skyhawks Sports Academy

I hired Lisa to manage inside sales for Marketsync, Inc. on a contract basis. Lisa is an experienced, expert salesperson who knows this game inside and out, and she brings this expertise to bear. She made inside sales easy for me to manage and delivered great results, from learning our product well enough to field customer inquiries through day-to-day pipeline management and prospect follow-up. Although she works on a contract basis, I trust and value Lisa as a source of sales expertise and as an extension of our team.

-Bill Koszewski
(CTO, Co-Founder)
Marketsync Inc.

We worked with Lisa and Lead Savvy to develop and validate our new software business in the marketplace. Lisa provided invaluable expertise, enthusiasm and effort in developing our call strategy and in reaching out to our business contacts. We gained valuable insight and data on our product development strategy because of the hard work done by Lisa and her team. I highly recommend Lead Savvy and we will be using them again when the opportunity arises.

-Paul Burton 

Lisa at Lead Savvy offers one of the most valuable services any salesperson could ever leverage. Her services are tremendously helpful when seeking to reach a new client base with a new product offering. She does an excellent job tracking her calls and following up to ensure the target audience is reached.

Her prospecting skills are solid and she does a phenomenal job of tracking her progress and adapting to whatever approach you would like her to take. She always does a great job with her “pitch” and always follows through on her commitments and time frames. Definitely very easy to work with. She saves me tremendous time in my prospecting efforts and allows me to focus on closing strategic deals while knowing prospecting calls are still being made on my behalf.

Regarding the success of the campaign/project, I would say it is tied mostly to the quality of the list you provide to her. She does great work and is very consistent, so when I provided quality prospects, she made contact, set up meetings and many of those meetings resulted in sales. When I gave her lists that were not qualified or quality, she applied her same tactics, but the contacts themselves were poor and that was the only time we did not have success. The quality of the contact list is key and Lisa will always be as good as the list you provide to her.

I had no issues working with her, she always did everything I asked of her and I would highly recommend her to any business that was seeking her services.

-Scott Coleman 
(VP Strategic Sales)
Sungard Availability Services

I had the opportunity to work from home and make “cold calls” for a local marketing firm. Lisa with Lead Savvy was contracted to orchestrate the training for myself and various other employees (some outside of the United States).

Lisa set up an amazing training program that afforded me the skills and confidence I needed for a quick and efficient start on the campaign at hand. Lisa provided advanced tips and seasoned advice that was invaluable as I engaged prospective decision-makers on the phone. She provided scripting, Excel tips, recorded calls (examples I could review for tone, pace, etc.), recordings of our training sessions (I was able to go back and review as needed) and gave me the confidence and the tools I needed for success. I highly recommend Lisa as a training coordinator or any variation of such a position as she would choose to accept. Lisa’s professionalism, humor and skills on the phone are second to none.

-Kathy C. 
(Sales Rep)
TQE Marketing Group

“Lisa is the best telemarketer I’ve ever worked with. She takes one of the hardest jobs in sales and makes it look easy. She is professional, persistent, and brings a positive and fresh perspective to lead generation.

When Lisa completes a campaign, she’ll pull more people into an event than anyone else I’ve worked with, and the attendees remember her name and ask to meet her. She’s easy and professional to work with.

When we do our preparation right, she’s more effective than anyone else I’ve used. And when we haven’t done our work right, she’s very effective with feedback to assist us. I highly recommend using Lisa to measurably improve your individual or company’s outbound sales activity.”

-Gloria Braunschweig
Computeration a Microsoft Dynamics Reseller

Lead Savvy has helped our company, Abacus Energy Solutions build a network of service providers in the residential remodeling industry. They proved to be extremely effective in finding and engaging the decision-makers at the targeted companies. When we used these services, response rate jumped from 34% to 67%. Today, 65% of our job referrals come from firms Lead Savvy, connected us with.

Individually, Lisa is one of the most agile and best-organized service providers I know. She keeps excellent records and will promptly follow-up on each phone conversation. While on the phone, she will use a broad range of methods to penetrate an organization. Very quick in her thinking. Highly innovative and adaptive in her approach. Lisa has proven herself 100% reliable. She delivers results. A worthwhile investment for any business that markets to other businesses.

-Peter Tofalvi
Abacus Energy Solutions, LLC

I can happily say that I was completely overwhelmed with Lisa’s skill, organization, expertise and dedication to our project. Although we were only running a small “test” sales campaign for an unproven business, Lisa made us feel as if we were no less important to her as if we were one of her large clients. Forgive the cliches, but she truly went above and beyond the call of duty to leave no stone unturned on our project. Along the way, she provided an invaluable education in the sales process.

The numbers speak for themselves. When we were originally conceiving this campaign, I admittedly had low expectations – we were calling on a market previously unexplored by our line of products. Not only did Lisa turn a 20% lead call result, we ended up landing an account with probably the biggest fish in our pool of leads!

Thank you, Lisa for your utmost professionalism and we look forward to the next project!”

-Matthew Maneggia
OM Infrared & Herb Pillows

The quality of leads have always been exemplary. She takes copious notes, offers detailed contact information and is very organized and reliable in her follow up. Lisa also has an amazing knack to penetrate an organization where others have failed. I believe her years of sales experience and a high level of creativity play a large role in her results. She clearly has a natural ability to communicate and build rapport with individuals at all levels of an organization. She is very quick on her feet, is able to direct a conversation when needed, but also understands the benefit of a less aggressive sales approach. She has many styles and strategies that help her assess the best approach for each call.

Another key element of our success includes the working database that Lisa has developed. This information allows us to forecast and target potential leads in the upcoming months.

Lisa’s online advertising and telemarketing efforts represent 22% of our sales year to date. The return on investment year after year speaks for itself. I consider her to be a valuable member of the team, who consistently achieves good results and delivers on all expectations.

-Matt Hall
Facility Resource Inc.

Recommending Lisa is easy. As an outbound marketing expert, Lisa worked collaboratively with me on an executive event. From strategy, internet tools, and expert advice and feedback, Lisa felt like a member of my team from beginning to end. She worked particularly hard to understand my value proposition and how to articulate the message to prospects. She is a creative, dedicated, hard-working professional would I will not hesitate to use again. Lisa, thanks for all your communication and support. Highly recommended.”

-Ron Kranz
Beyond the Benchmark

I’m writing to express my endorsement of Lisa at Lead Savvy. I, like many of her clients, was in need of some help in our sales department. I asked Lisa to determine the decision-makers for a specific product/service that is sold to National Health Plans and large health systems with between 1,000 and 60,000 employees.

While on the project Lisa was determined and aggressive, but certainly not overbearing and most definitely got results through her professional cold calling campaign. She helped our team set appointments and schedule specific follow up calls as well as help craft various sales scripts that we still use today. I truly felt that she was an extension of our sales team during the project and I would recommend her to anyone looking to extend their sales efforts.”

-David Miller
(Director of Sales and Marketing)
The Life Balance Program

Lisa worked with me and provided a level of professionalism and expertise I have not found with other telemarketing services. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for personalized telemarketing support.

-Michael Nevue
Get Me Printed

Lisa of Lead Savvy has been pivotal to my “7 Points of Dynamic Marketing” approach.  As a business growth consultant for small businesses, I stress the importance of taking a fundamental approach to marketing with my customer's bottom-line in mind.  There is no better approach than telemarketing to deepen a relationship, determine feelings and overall awareness of your business in the mind of your prospects and customer.

-Ron Seawood
(Editor, Publisher & Business Advisor) 
Marketer's Journal

Lisa is an excellent, results-oriented telemarketer. She is clear on setting goals, expectations, and budgets with her clients and obtains the results that she promises. Effective and likable, people remember and respect her. High Integrity. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

-Jason Lenk
(Sr. Director Channel Sales)
Sungard Cloud and Hosting Services

I was new in my role with SunGard and Lisa helped me to get out to a running start. Not only did she do research on contacts and put together an email list, but she helped me to organize email marketing campaigns and track customer views to determine higher odds prospects. She then followed up and tracked each prospect in a very organized fashion, often reminding me when we were due to follow up. Lisa was able to turn up a number of new leads for us and I recommend her for other organizations who are looking for similar assistance.

-Ben Bloch 
(Director, North American Demand Generation)
Sungard Availability Services

I was very pleased with the results Lead Savvy generated for our open house.

Lisa’s professionalism and demeanor with prospective customers represented our restaurant very well. Lead Savvy provided us with an excellent call list that focused on our target market. We had a successful open house with 44 attendees (12% of initial call list), many of whom did not have prior knowledge of banquet services.

-Randy Noia
(General Manager)
Oba Restaurant

Lisa did a great job helping us on multi-touch marketing campaigns several times. She is very professional, personable and committed to fulfilling expectations. She represented our company very well on the phone as she contacted our customers and prospects about upcoming events and promotions. She generated leads for us, along with sharing a positive perspective on CSG with people she called. Great results, personable and on time.

-Don Lewis
(Account Executive)

You have helped us create good processes for lead generation and event marketing. I’ve enjoyed working with you and I hope our paths may cross again.

-Dave Crafton
(Sales Rep)
CSG Professional Services

Lisa is a solid person with exceptional communication skills, especially where the phone is concerned. She is very professional and hardworking and a real asset to any company wanting to improve their prospecting into any prospective market.

-Todd Allison
District Manager
Lanier Worldwide,

Lisa is amazing at what she does! I own a niche marketing firm and was in need of some phone sales to kick-start a project. All I can say is WOW… what a pro. I’ve never worked with anyone who communicates like Lisa. Not only does she perform, but goes above and beyond. I recommend her services to anyone who wants only the best when it comes to business-to-business phone sales. Thanks, Lisa. I look forward to future projects.

-Joe Burnich
Big West Marketing Group

Lisa is probably the best phone-based lead generation engine known to man (or woman). Her etiquette on the phone, voracious tenacity, and creative, on her feet thinking make her unbeatable in generating leads. I have hired her before and will continue to as the need arises.

-Ryan Garrow
TQE Marketing

My work with Lisa was very insightful. She is a professional who knows her business inside and out. Her work with our prospects further proved her expertise and professionalism. I would recommend Lisa’s work to anyone looking for a professional to contact their prospective customers.

-Randy Park
(EVP Business Development)
AIT Business Services, Inc.

Of all the advertising I have ever done, the two recent trade shows were the first time I ever saw obvious and immediate results…versatile, innovative and energetic.

-Blake Fry
Salem Scuba

Lisa and LeadSavvy have been great to work with as a highly professional and effective sales consultant. There are not many people who are expert cold-callers, but she’s one of them! Lisa has been a wonderful extension to our sales team and offers informed guidance on all aspects of planning an outreach campaign, from list-building, to scripting, and scheduling. I would not hesitate to recommend Lead Savvy for B2B lead generation.

-Jason S.

As a new franchise owner starting a business in a new market and territory, running a focused, strategic, Lead Savvy sales campaign is one of the best things I have ever done. Lisa approaches sales lead generation and appointment setting in an effective, organized, systematic way, yielding fantastic results. I'd highly recommend running a Lead Savvy sales campaign of your own. 

-Nathan Scholz
(Franchise Owner/Operator)
Skyhawks Sports Academy 

Working with Lisa was a great experience! She was organized, professional, helpful and had great advice. She understands our business well and easily took over the sales process when I didn't have time to do it myself. I can't wait to work with her again. Thanks a million Lisa!!

-Tori Makela
(Franchise Owner/Operator)
SuperTots Sports 

In a very competitive industry, Lead Savvy has been a reliable and responsive lead partner, delivering quality leads for both current and future business

Boyd Coffee Company

I am delighted to write this positive recommendation for Lisa from Lead Savvy, who has done an exceptional job in prospecting and attaining new business for our sports camp and after school enrichment business. Lisa has been an invaluable asset to our team, consistently exceeding our expectations and achieving outstanding results.

Lisa's efforts were instrumental in helping us gain new clients and grow our business. Her understanding of our niche industry and ability to connect with parents and school administrators was impressive. She utilized her sales expertise to identify prospects and follow through, ensuring that leads were properly managed and converted into new business opportunities.

Lisa's proactive and detail-oriented approach played a vital role in helping us expand our reach and gain new clients. She took the time to understand our business model and target audience, delivering tailored solutions that perfectly matched their needs. Her dedication to her work and her positive attitude were inspiring, and she was always willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.

In summary, Lisa has been an exceptional performer, who has played a significant role in helping our sports camp and after school enrichment business gain new clients and grow our business. She has shown incredible dedication to her work, consistently meeting and exceeding targets, and has proven herself as an indispensable asset to our team. I highly recommend Lisa to any company looking to boost its sales performance and achieve exceptional results by generating additional leads and customers.

-Mike Alarcon
(Franchise Owner/Operator)
Skyhawks Sports Academy

I’ve been a customer of Lisa’s for years and if you’re looking for someone to help you grow your business, I highly recommend you give Lead Savvy a call. Lisa brings sales experience, industry knowledge, and creative ideas backed by established processes and thorough reporting. Her expertise in lead generation and telemarketing strategies has been key to helping one of Redbridge’s customers achieve 30% year-over-year growth to be included in Oregon’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

-Shannon Hulbert  
Redbridge Inc., Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour

I've relied on Lisa for several projects where we needed lead qualification and appointment setting. Lisa's warm personality comes through on the phone like no one else. She added value when she suggested ways to optimize our call scripts and workflows. I highly recommend Lisa for any phone-based tasks where you need a well-spoken sales professional to represent your company.

-Andy Commons
Commons Marketing, LLC
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