Services - What Lead Savvy Can Do For You

As a virtual extension of your B2B sales team, Lead Savvy helps you identify, contact and cultivate qualified decision-makers who can purchase your product or service.

Delegate the tedious, repetitive tasks and the rejection that comes with preliminary prospecting efforts. Lead Savvy does the initial filtering so you can spend your valuable time focusing on your profit-making operations.

Appointment Setting

Your sales reps are likely your most expensive resource when it comes to B2B lead generation and closing sales. Let Lead Savvy keep your sales force in front of potential customers by setting highly qualified appointments with key decision-makers.

Sales Strategy/Customer Service Consultation and Training Services


Having not been in the role themselves for years, many sales consultants can often be out of touch with what it's like to be in the "trenches" of lead generation and customer service. Lacking active sales experience can stifle rapport and credibility with your internal staff. In contrast, Lead Savvy continuously works sales campaigns to stay on top of emerging trends and to remain relevant in strategy.  Lead Savvy can help you determine which paths will boost sales, increases customer satisfaction and provide a road map to help you get there.  

Database Set-Up/Cleaning/Maintenance

95% of the businesses that you contact will simply not be in the market for your product or service at the time of a call. Many sales are the result of follow-up efforts and management of an active pipeline. A working database directs you when to contact prospects back for future business. Lead Savvy can set up, clean and/or manage your database so that you can maximize and track the efficiency of all your business- development programs.

Executive and IT Level Call Penetration

If your verticals tend to have administrative screens, you can't just blindly, "smile and dial" and expect to get results. You need a quick-thinking professional with tried and true strategies that only come with experience and tenure. With years of expertise and over a million cold calls under the belt, your senior strategist knows clever and creative ways to reach your target audience, creating positive connections that live beyond the call.

Lead Qualification

Understanding how and when to ask the right questions to hone in on the most qualified leads for your business is critical to the sales effort. Lead Savvy takes the time to understand what constitutes a qualified lead to you as our customer.

Event/Seminar Registration

Lead Savvy is highly trained in managing all aspects of event and seminar registration, including online registration, call reminders and follow-up calls. Let your senior strategist get the word out and drive attendance so that your next event is a success.

How It's Done

Services are modular so Lead Savvy can support you in all or a portion of your prospecting needs.

  • Accurate Lists: We’ll help revive your existing contact list or help you locate the most current resources available for your specific project needs.


  • Target the Decision Maker: Knowing the right person to talk to will vary from business to business. Without good contact information, you waste time and marketing resources chasing after the wrong person. The more prepared you are with up-to-date information, the more effective you will be in your calls to a business. Lead Savvy develops “working databases,” including detailed notes and clear follow-up tasks that anyone in your organization can understand and put to good use.


  • Compelling Delivery of Your Message: Communicating a new idea or product in the time constraints of a cold call can be challenging. Education, awareness, and rapport-building are all necessary prospecting components. Lead Savvy can identify where a sales cycle begins and where follow-up is necessary with each company you target. Your senior strategist will crystallize the succinct details needed to make cold calls, coordinate email campaigns, and set appointments.

Why Lead Savvy

  • Are you ready to find an effective, B2B prospecting resource that doesn’t drain your budget?

  • Would you like to avoid dealing with inflated sales promises that yield only sub-par results?

  • Are accurate sales and marketing expectations critical to your business operations?

Enter Lead Savvy: Where the components to sales success include a strong sales skillset, accountability, transparency and clear communication.

Flexible, cost-effective lead generation resource: Hiring a salesperson in-house can be a sizable commitment of time, training and money. With Lead Savvy, there are no long-term commitments to a salary, unemployment insurance or payroll taxes, and there are no fringe-benefits to pay.

Tools to penetrate all levels of an organization with open-ended, intelligent and organic conversations: 

The ability to articulate a message on an unsolicited call often requires the charisma and creativity of improvisation. Your senior strategist has the skillset and confidence to think effectively outside of the script, should the need arise. Recognizing the importance of engaging all levels of a prospective company, your caller is as effective with administrative “gatekeepers” as with information technology departments and executive decision makers.

How Does Lead Savvy Improve Sales Results?

  • Detailed Documentation: To help refine sales messaging and strategy.

  • Quality Control: Your caller has over 20+ years experience and has made over a million cold calls.

  • Personal Accountability: Easy communication with your single point of contact.

  • No middle-man management cost.

  • Cost-Effective: No long-term commitments .

  • U.S. based  - no overseas outsourcing (located in Portland, OR).

  • English-speaking, prospecting services available world-wide.

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