B2B Lead Generation Services

As a virtual extension of your B2B sales team, Lead Savvy helps you identify, contact and cultivate qualified decision-makers who can purchase your product or service.

Delegate the tedious, repetitive tasks and the rejection that comes with preliminary prospecting efforts. Lead Savvy does the initial filtering so you can spend your valuable time focusing on your profit-making operations.

All services are modular so Lead Savvy can support you in all or a portion of your prospecting needs.

B2B Appointment Setting & Cold Calls

Your sales reps are likely your most expensive resource when it comes to B2B lead generation and closing sales. Let Lead Savvy keep your sales force in front of potential customers by setting highly qualified appointments with key decision-makers.

Executive-Level Call Penetration ​

If your verticals tend to have administrative screens, you can't just blindly, "smile and dial" and expect to get results. You need a quick-thinking professional with tried and true strategies that only come with experience and tenure. With years of expertise and near a million cold calls under the belt, your senior strategist knows clever and creative ways to reach your target audience, creating positive connections that live beyond the call.

Event/Seminar Promotion & Registration

Lead Savvy is highly trained in managing all aspects of event and seminar registration, including online registration, call reminders and follow-up calls. Let your senior strategist get the word out and drive attendance so that your next event is a success.

Lead Qualification

Understanding how and when to ask the right questions to hone in on the most qualified leads for your business is critical to the sales effort. Lead Savvy takes the time to understand what constitutes a qualified lead to you as our customer.

Trade Show Assistance

Manning your trade show booth with product and technical experts is only half of the equation. Does your staff have the outward enthusiasm and charisma to draw people to your display? Having a seasoned sales professional at your event helps drive potential customers to your booth and will ensure timely follow-up once the show has ended.

Sales Consulting Services

Having not been in the role themselves for years, many sales managers and directors can often be out of touch with what it's like to be in the "trenches" of lead generation and customer service. Lacking active sales experience can stifle rapport and credibility with your internal, sales staff while ever-evolving, introductory approaches with your potential audience are missed. 


In contrast, Lead Savvy actively works sales campaigns to stay on top of emerging trends and to remain relevant in strategy.  Lead Savvy can help you determine which paths will boost sales, increases customer satisfaction and provide a road map to help you get there.

All services are modular so Lead Savvy can support you in all or a portion of your business needs.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

Do you have the right approach to reach your intended audience? If you are not actively involved in the daily grind of the sales prospecting process, you may not be current with the most effective strategies. An isolated phone call or email campaign is no longer effective as a stand-alone effort. ln other cases, some, "old-school" approaches, like sending details through the mail are seen, once again as effective. Having a successful and measurable sales campaign is the key to gaining business awareness from others. Get your free strategy assessment to learn more.

Database/CRM Setup & Maintenance

95% of the businesses that you contact will simply not be in the market for your product or service at the time of a call. Many sales successes are the result of follow-up efforts and management of an active pipeline. A working database directs you when to contact prospects back for future business. Knowing the right person to talk to will vary from business to business. Without good contact information, you waste time and marketing resources chasing after the wrong person. The more prepared you are with up-to-date information, the more effective you will be in your calls to a business. Lead Savvy develops “working databases,” including detailed notes and clear follow-up tasks that anyone in your organization can understand and put to good use. Unfortunately, many customer relationship management software programs (CRMs) are subpar to the needs of the salesperson. Lead Savvy can help you identify the best way to maintain the details of your sales efforts, set up, clean and/or manage your database so that you can maximize and track the efficiency of all your business- development programs.

Sales Training and Development

Getting the word out about your business to the masses takes serious effort. Do you find a lack of traction in your existing sales and marketing efforts? Lead Savvy can help train you or your existing staff to be consistent in their approach, brand awareness and measured in their results.

Sales Content & Script Creation

Did you know you have six seconds or less to get your point across on an unsolicited, phone introduction? Are you finding prospects hanging up on you or simply not taking your calls? Having the right script and execution strategy in place will make or break your prospecting efforts. Education, awareness, and rapport-building are all necessary prospecting components. Lead Savvy can identify where a sales cycle begins and where follow-up is necessary with each company you target. Your senior strategist will crystallize the succinct details needed to make cold calls, coordinate email campaigns, and set appointments. Lead Savvy is also a content-writing resource and can help ensure the verbiage used aligns with the rest of your marketing materials in a succinct and effective composition. Need a second pair of eyes to look over your existing, marketing materials? Lead Savvy can help you make sure your brand is aligned throughout all your collateral as well as your web presence.

Talent Assessment and Recruitment

If you don't have the right people in place to execute effective canvassing, presentation and follow-through, your business will likely suffer. Business owners and managers who lack refined, sales acumen may not know what to look for in an effective salesperson. The result can be wasted time and cost rotating through employees that do not perform as expected. Need to create or develop an internal call center or hire new staff? Lead Savvy can assist you in finding qualified candidates which can include everything from posting a comprehensive ad, interviews and training of new hires.


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