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  • Ready to find an effective, B2B prospecting resource that doesn’t drain your budget?

  • Want to avoid dealing with inflated sales promises that yield only sub-par results?

  • Are accurate sales and marketing expectations critical to your business operations?

LEAD SAVVY! A resource that provides skilled salespeople, 
business development expertise AND trailblazing strategy to increase profits.


B 2 B Call agent

B2B Lead Generation

  • B2B Appointment-Setting & Cold Calls

  • Executive-Level Call Penetration

  • Event/Seminar Promotion &  Registration

  • Lead Qualification

  • Trade Show Assistance

Sales Consultation

Sales Consultation

  • Customer Acquisition Strategies

  • Database/CRM Setup & Maintenance

  • Sales Training and Development

  • Sales Content & Script Creation

  • Talent Assessment & Recruitment 

Flexible, cost-effective lead generation resource...

Sales word collage

Hiring a salesperson in-house can be a sizable commitment of time, training and money. With Lead Savvy, there are no long-term commitments to a salary, unemployment insurance or payroll taxes, and there are no fringe-benefits to pay.

Tools to penetrate all levels of an organization with open-ended, intelligent and organic conversations: The ability to articulate a message on an unsolicited call often requires the charisma and creativity of improvisation. Your senior strategist has the skillset and confidence to think effectively outside of the script, should the need arise. Recognizing the importance of engaging all levels of a prospective company, your caller is as effective with administrative “gatekeepers” as with information technology departments and executive decision-makers.

How does Lead Savvy improve sales results?

  • Detailed Documentation: To help refine sales messaging and strategy.​

  • Quality Control: Your caller has over 25+ years of experience.

  • Personal Accountability: Easy communication with your single point of contact.​

  • No middle-man management cost.​

  • Cost-Effective: No long-term commitments.​

  • Ethical Business Practices: A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.​

  • U.S. based  - no overseas outsourcing (located in Portland, OR).​

  • English-speaking, prospecting services available world-wide.

best choice award

Strong, sales skillset, accountability and clear communication.

Lisa, senior strategist

Lisa - Senior Sales Strategist

As a professional with a science-based education in management and communications, seasoned tenure in operations, business development and having personally executed near a million cold calls, I am well versed in processes and challenges a business faces when it comes to generating sales. Oftentimes internal departments are out of alignment with their objectives, interests or skillsets in reaching business development goals. These shortcomings erode dollars from the bottom line and make it near impossible to have realistic, marketing insight. The business begins to spin their wheels and wonders why it can't gain traction.

Lead Savvy is a very deliberate and refreshing business model which is based on a single point of accountability and measured performance rather than hunches or longer-term, "wait-and-see" initiatives. That being said, just because you have a product or service to offer the masses does guarantee people will buy what you're selling. Many variables come into play in the equation. Lead Savvy is structured so that honest and realistic conversations can be had about your sales process as a whole. This approach allows for educated and strategic decisions to be made.

As a skilled prospector, I can help you:​

  • Create compelling sales content and scripts

  • Identify and reach your target audience and verticals

  • Refine your marketing approach to get noticed 

  • Cultivate and develop your internal sales team

  • Services are modular so as to ensure the best fit for your business needs.

Let's have a conversation today!


Lisa is a highly enthusiastic professional who understands what it takes to build the right sales campaign. Hired as a contractor, Lisa quickly became an integrated part of our organization. As an expert in her field, she had no problem telling us that she did not think we had the right approach and message and would suggest other options. Even on the phone, you can sense her energy and positive attitude. We worked together for nearly two years. I would highly recommend Lisa to any sales organizations.

I enlisted Lisa's services years ago to perform cold-calls by telephone for my business. I was highly impressed with how articulate she is, the friendly and confident tone of her voice, and especially her clear-thinking to respond appropriately to anything the prospect said. I was so impressed that a few months ago I asked her to train the staff at a medical practice (one of my clients) on phone presence, etiquette, and sales. She turned the staff's phone skills around to be highly proficient and engaging. She was also able to identify additional business needs to help the practice run more smoothly, showing a very strong business acumen. Lisa's telephone skills are the best I've ever seen, and she also demonstrated to me her strong ability to transfer those skills to others by training. Lisa is a pleasure to work with.

“I’ve been a customer of Lisa’s for years and if you’re looking for someone to help you grow your business, I highly recommend you give Lead Savvy a call. Lisa brings sales experience, industry knowledge, and creative ideas backed by established processes and thorough reporting. Her expertise in lead generation and telemarketing strategies has been key to helping one of Redbridge’s customers achieve 30% year-over-year growth to be included in Oregon’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

-Shannon Hulbert  
Redbridge Inc.
-Doug Lundrigan
Lighthouse Leadership

-Jean-Francois Berche
(Strategic Account Director)
Sungard Availability Services

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